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We love freebies here at Scrapbook & Cards Today. Here are some sketches to keep you busy. 







Click the thumbnails below to download the sketches.


Summer 2013



Spring 2013



Spring 2012

Two questions I am frequently asked are, “How do I change a  PageMaps sketch to make the design my own?” and “How can I make my page more masculine when there are flowers all over the sketch?” My answer is always the same: a sketch is just a starting point for what will become your final design, and you are encouraged to change around the elements, resize the photos and infuse your own personal style.


Winter 2011

'Tis the season of sending and receiving greeting cards, second only to cupid's big day in February. Who wouldn't love to receive a handmade card, especially for the holidays? From Christmas and Valentine's Day to snowmen and winter, here are three wonderfully designed cards based on three different CardMap sketches. No matter if your style is simple or elaborate, we are sure that these cards will inspire creativity! What will you do with these sketches to make a new creation of your own?


Fall 2011

In this age of digital photography, it is not unusual for us to take hundreds of photographs at an event. I recently attended a little league baseball game and amassed a collection of more than 200 action photos in one afternoon! Now granted, not every single photo was worthy of scrapbooking, hence the beauty of the “delete” button. But before you get trigger happy and trash the blurred, partial-headcut-off, out-of-focus photos in the batch, consider using them on a multi-photo page. They may be less-than-perfect, but they still have a story to tell!


Summer 2011

Multi-photo pages are probably the most popular among scrapbookers and often the hardest to create. Why? Because it can be challenging to place a multitude of photos on a page, leave enough room for embellishing, and still create a layout where all of the elements aren’t competing for attention. Check out pages 41-43 in our summer issue to see fifteen photos, a trio of artists and three very unique results!


Spring 2011 - Flip it, rotate it, turn it on its side!

The versatility of a sketch knows no limits. You can rotate them, flip them horizontally or vertically, enlarge, reduce or combine the photos. You can also change the shapes and embellishments to suit your page theme!  Check out page 43 in our spring issue to see how three artists interpreted the same sketch!


Winter 2010 - one sketch, a trio of artists

For as long as I've been creating PageMaps, it never ceases to amaze me how different one artist's take on the same sketch can be from another. One scrapbooker may see a row of buttons, another will combine two photos into one, and yet another will turn the sketch on its side for a whole new look. That's the beauty of sketches: they are diverse and adaptable.



Fall 2010 - scraps

We’ve all done it. You’ve gripped that 3” scrap of paper in your hand, silently asking yourself, “Do I save it or do I toss it?” Or looked at that sheet of alpha stickers with so many empty spaces that you are quite certain you could not possibly spell another word. Or the 12” leftover border sticker that you chopped off 4” from for another project. Whether it is for economic reasons or because you simply cannot part with that gorgeous leftover morsel, scraps can be an abundant resource in your arsenal of supplies. Check out page 45 in our fall issue to see how this issue's artists used their scraps with Becky's sketches!





Summer 2010 – linear design

Have you ever heard that old saying, "It's hip to be square?" I always remember that motto when I think of linear design. Although balance is key, a linear layout does not have to be humdrum. One secret to achieving a great linear page is symmetry amongst all of your elements to keep them from competing with one another. Check out page 45 in our summer issue to see how this issue's artists interpreted these summery sketches! 

July's Sketch

August's Sketch

June's Sketch


Spring 2010 - triadic design

The word “triadic” means a group of three elements of a similar or contrasting shape, or three equally spaced colours on the colour wheel. As many scrapbookers know, establishing a visual triangle on a layout through the use of page elements or colour (or a combination of both!) will unify the design, provide harmony, and create a well-balanced sketch. Here are three sketches based around “triadic design”.





Bonus Sketches

We love freebies here at Scrapbook & Cards Today, so here's some bonus sketches to keep you busy.


Click here to view Bonus Sketches


Becky Fleck is a graphic designer and the author of the best-selling book, Scrapbook PageMaps: Sketches For Creative Layout. Visit her website at www.pagemaps.com for free monthly sketches and loads of inspiration.

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